Summer Camp

Young chefs will enjoy five days of fun, learning and culinary exploration while being guided by our professional culinary team in the safety of our kitchens. This will be the summer experience they remember and talk about!

Kids series: Designed for ages 6-10, our all-new Summer Series will help your child become a more creative and confident cook! They’ll be exposed to kitchen basics and expand their palettes through creative recipes.

Over the course of five days, your future foodie will explore flavors and techniques while becoming comfortable with recipes and kitchen tools. Throughout the week they’ll learn essential cooking techniques, basic food prep skills and best practices for kitchen safety. As they build upon what they’ve learned each day in their cohort, you’ll notice a change in their skills and food “preferences”.


Tween series: Treat your budding foodie to five days full of hands-on cooking fun as part of our all-new Summer Series designed for ages 10 and older! Students will learn to become more creative and confident in the kitchen. Guided by a chef instructor, they’ll explore challenging recipes while learning advanced cooking and baking techniques, essential food prep skills and best practices for kitchen safety. At the end of the week, each student goes home skills to use and memories for a lifetime.

Our hope is for Third Space to be a campus of creativity, as well as a communal gathering place. From our table to yours, we are dedicated to creating a place for the entire community.

Bon Appétit!

How many students are in a class?

We cap our classes at 12 students to ensure students 

What’s camp like?

Camp starts each morning at 9am. Our younger learners end their day at noon, while older learners stay through 3pm. We provide snacks for both groups and lunch for our full-day learners.

Will my child come home with food?

Yes. Each child will bring home their share of recipes cooked each day. We provide to-go containers and recommend a bag for their belongings and to take food home in.

Should my child bring anything with them?

We are a peanut and tree-nut safe facility. We do not allow for outside food. We recommend each child bring a water bottle that can be refilled through out the day. Snacks are provided, as are aprons, any required tools and ingredients.

How do you handle food preferences and allergies?

We ask that you list any and all allergies and food preferences in the appropriate registration box when you register your child for camp.

We are a peanut and tree nut safe facility. For other allergies, due to the nature of all programs we run, we need to understand the allergies. We are more than happy to have a conversation with you prior to registering to ensure we are cooking safely.

We try to make dietary and religious accommodations for food. We may not be able to change some or all recipes for a day or week, but will have a mix exposing children to a variety of food and cooking techniques.