With buildout near done, time freed up to think about the name and the concept one last time before going down the opening rabbit hole. The initial premise for this business was a culinary school. After more thought and consideration, it was apparent that what we were working on was much more. We were working on a space we hoped would become an integral part of the community, a Third Space for people to gather, celebrate food, cooking and life. With that in mind, the name change was obvious. We changed to Third Space Kitchen & Events. A name change also means sporting a new logo!

We still love the idea of classes and everything we were thinking with La Technique, it just didn’t capture our spirit. We love the name and we hope you do too and we are incredibly excited to open our doors to the community soon.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the space come to life with equipment, people, food and more.

Stay tuned for some more exciting announcements!