Our Story

The greatest journeys in life sometimes begin in the most unexpected places. Founder, Eric Brown started his professional career in the obscure industry of advertising technology. Despite growing up in a household that emphasized cooking, meals with family and extensive travel, at 28 he found himself not knowing how to cook.

While visiting his family for Christmas, as always, he enjoyed the home-cooked meals his mother provided for the family, a strong contrast from the take-out and microwaved food he was able to fit in during his hectic startup work life. He realized that the long intense hours were not only detrimental to his health, but that food had become functional, not flavorful and enjoyable. It was also devoid of connection. Something clicked, and he immediately started a self-designed culinary program after reading blogs and culinary publications.

Part of the program included taking classes on the basics of cooking at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Once his passion for cooking was ignited, he was hooked.

7 years later, after traveling, exploring many cuisines and cultures, taking many classes and learning recreationally, he enrolled in the Professional Chefs Program at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Despite his successful career as an entrepreneur in the tech and marketing world, enrolling in a professional program marked a change in his professional aspirations and desires for contributing to the community. 

Fast forward to 2022, Eric was driving through Groton and stopped to get a snack. When he looked at one of the store fronts in Millrun Plaza, he noticed a “for rent” sign. Something inside him suggested he call the number and inquire about the vacant space. Upon doing a quick walk-through that day he immediately decided to take the location and put it under lease agreement.

Eric decided to combine his love of food and entrepreneurship and open Third Space, a year-round culinary and educational facility in the Nashoba Valley. The vision was to develop a program to foster engagement and the kind of ‘community’ – outside of work and home – that would celebrate the area’s rich culinary heritage in new and dynamic ways. Eric also knew that the venue would afford unparalleled opportunities to compliment work already happening across the region’s culinary, farming, and hospitality communities, and to attract world class talent to a new destination for cooking classes, demonstrations and private events, tastings, and lifetime learning.

Third Spaces’ development incorporated feedback from dozens of community members, hospitality industry professionals, and people we are very proud to consider our mentors and peers in cultivating a culture of excellence that the Nashoba Valley is known for. After months of design work, town meetings and construction we were able to open our doors in Groton in the summer of 2023.

Through the support of our network we were blessed with the news of another opportunity in Newton Highlands. While it wasn’t in the “plan”, we excitedly opened up a second location in December of 2023 in Newton Highlands. After a lot of renovation and investment we proudly opened our doors to the Newton and surrounding communities, furthering our mission of connecting people through food. 

Our hope is for Third Space to be a campus of creativity, as well as a communal gathering place. From our table to yours, we are dedicated to creating a place for the entire community.

Bon Appétit!

Founder, Eric Brown had a well established career in advertising and a successful marketing agency focused on hospitality businesses. After selling one of his companies, he pursued his dream of attending culinary school at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in the Professional Chefs Program.

Eric has founded and is involved in many companies that include food, restaurant marketing, book publishing, business coaching and consulting while also enjoying fitness, travel and the pursuit of life-long learning. 

At home you’ll find him cooking satisfying requests for crêpes, cookies and ice cream.